Surface Miner Common Core

The Occupational Health and Safety Act states that anyone working on a Surface Mining Site (outside of performing the task of a surface miner) must have Surface Mining Common Core Training.  (This also includes organizations involved in activities related to the transportation of stone, sand, gravel and other raw materials from mining pits and quarries).

“Surface mine” is defined in the Regulations for Mines and Mining Plants as “a pit or quarry where metallic or nonmetallic rock, mineral bearing substance, earth, clay, sand or gravel is being or has been removed by means of an excavation open to the surface to supply material for construction, industrial or manufacturing purposes and includes any work, undertaking or facility used in connection therewith but does not include a cutting for a right of way for a highway or a railroad.”

Regulation 854 (Regulations for Mines and Mining Plants) requires that employers provide the following common core training components, which Intola Safety proudly offers:

Work Safely in the Job Environment
Training includes:

  • wearing, adjusting and maintaining personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • wearing, adjusting and maintaining fall arrest systems
  • wearing, adjusting and maintaining personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • dealing with hazardous or potentially hazardous conditions in the workplace
  • working safely around hazardous materials
  • manually lifting and carrying materials and/or supplies
  • working around mobile equipment
  • operating communication equipment
  • working safely around/on/with stockpiles of unconsolidated natural or processed material
  • practicing good housekeeping
  • emergency procedures
  • traffic control
  • Perform General Lock Out and Tag on Prime Movers and Other Related Equipment
    Training includes:

    • inspecting the workplace for hazardous and/or potentially hazardous conditions
    • identifying equipment to be locked out and tagged for repair, maintenance/inspection, and/or clean up
    • de-energizing system and other related equipment to ensure zero energy state
    • maintaining and verifying zero energy state to prevent unexpected movement
    • removing lock and tag after work has been completed
    • adherence to safety legislation, company standards and manufacturer specifications
    • Operate Hand and Power Tools
      Training includes:

      • use of personal protective equipment (PPE)
      • maintaining and storing hand tools
      • inspecting, setting up and operating electrically powered hand tools
      • inspecting, setting up and operating pneumatic and/or hydraulic hand tools

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