Surface Miner Hazard Awareness

The Occupational Health and Safety Act states that anyone working on a Surface Mining Site (outside of performing the task of a surface miner) must have adequate training. Although Surface Miner Common Core training is designed to address the needs of those working with equipment as part of normal operations, workers who are visiting the sites or performing other tasks must also be aware of on-site hazards.

Regulation 854 (Regulations for Mines and Mining Plants) requires that employers provide training for all workers at surface mines, which Intola Safety proudly offers.

This training session includes discussions relating to the following:
 roles and responsibilities of employers, supervisors and workers
 inspecting the workplace for hazardous and/or potentially hazardous conditions
 use of personal protective equipment (PPE)
 head protection
 eye / face protection
 ear protection
 hand / skin protection
 foot protection
 respiratory (breathing) protection
 fall protection (harness use)
 dealing with hazardous or potentially hazardous conditions in the workplace
 manually lifting and carrying materials and/or supplies
 working around mobile equipment
 operating communication equipment
 working safely around/on/with stockpiles of unconsolidated natural or processed material
 practicing good housekeeping
 emergency procedures
 traffic control
 maintaining and verifying ‘zero energy state’ to prevent unexpected movement of equipment
 adherence to safety legislation, company standards and manufacturer specifications

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