Spill Response Training

This course covers general safety guidelines for responding to spills of hazardous materials.  Intola Safety can provide specific and customized training upon request.

As with all other services offered, Intola Safety includes an explanation of the laws and regulations currently in place to protect workers.

Workers must be properly trained to respond to spills that may occur in their workplace.  This course also addresses strategies to ensure workers are aware of the various hazards related to these incidents, as well as the equipment used in spill kits.

Examples of some of the topics that will be addressed are:

  • The Varying Degrees of Spills – Severity of Hazards
  • Spill Hazards
  • Spill Response Procedures
  • Proper Disposal of Materials
  • Using Spill Kits Effectively

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Intola Safety is a full-time consulting and training company that is committed to providing the very best service to our clients. Intola Safety is flexible – we are available seven days a week for you.

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Intola Safety can arrange to train on-site anywhere that we are needed. We can also host training at our facility.

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