Cut-Off Saw Safety

Cut-Off Saw Safety is a half-day course that is designed for any worker who is involved in operating or working around this equipment. It offers a general overview of the key concepts, while also addressing the specific procedures involved with different types of work.

As with all other services offered, Intola Safety includes an explanation of the laws and regulations currently in place to protect workers, as well as the best practices and standards set forth by the manufacturers of these machines.

The classroom component of the session includes visual materials including pictures and videos, and culminates with a knowledge verification component (written test). Some of the theoretical topics will include:

  • Background for Workers
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Transporting the Saw
  • Performing a Pre-Use Inspection
  • Correct Fueling and Starting Procedures
  • Proper Use of Cut-Off Saws
  • Evaluation

The practical component of the session will include equipment inspections, demonstrations and hands-on practice for each participant. Some of the practical topics will include:

  • Starting the Cut-Off Saw Properly
  • Safely Cutting Material

Whenever possible, Intola Safety will include a review of any specific policies, procedures and practices that exist for participants.

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