Chainsaw (Introduction to Professional Chainsaw Operation)

The chainsaw instructors at Intola Safety deliver the provincially recognized Introduction to Professional Chainsaw Operation course.  This course is comprised of a full day in the classroom and at least one full day in the field where participants will practice their technique and skills.

This course is delivered as four modules, which are as follows:

  • Part 1: Sharpening and Maintenance
  • Part 2: Safe Chainsaw Handling
  • Part 3: Felling and Limbing (Hazards and Techniques)
  • Part 4: Field Practice

Intola Safety is committed to providing site and job-specific training, and can meet any demands.  Regardless of experience, all participants will gain valuable knowledge and practice time from this course.  As with all other services offered, Intola Safety includes an explanation of the laws and regulations currently in place to protect users of chainsaws.

Participants of any Introduction to Professional Chainsaw Operation courses must have access to the proper personal protective equipment (PPE).  This necessary PPE includes chainsaw boots, chainsaw pants or chaps, gloves, appropriate upper body clothing, safety glasses, and headgear (hard hat with mesh face screen and hearing protection).

Whenever possible, participants are encouraged to use the equipment that they will be handling after leaving the course.  For this reason, participants are encouraged to use their own chainsaw – providing it is in safe and proper working order.  If necessary, Intola Safety can supply equipment upon request.

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